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Over the years, Reshift has grown to be the largest tech-specialized media house in the Netherlands, with an incredible group of talents on board. We therefore offer excellent opportunities to further develop yourself through an interesting job. And as we are still growing, we are continuously on the lookout for driven specialists in the fields of content, technology, marketing and sales.

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The internship period of your studies can be tremendously educational and enlightening. Only then will you get an idea of what the ‘inside of a company’ looks like. As an intern at Reshift, you work with us as a full-fledged employee – be it as a video producer at our game department or as a writing editor for one of our tech titles. At the end of the ride, you’ll be prepared for the real thing and ready to hit the ground running!

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As the largest tech-specialized media house in the Netherlands, we can’t trail behind in the field of social media. Our brands post fresh and interesting content on a daily basis. Want to strengthen your brand with the power of our social performance? Of course you can, and it’s a great idea!

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Do you want to know how our brands and unique content can contribute to the experience of your business? Or do you just want to drop by for a nice cup of coffee? Call or email us to schedule an appointment, or fill out the form below!

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We would love to tell your more about what our commercial propostions, (non-)spot solutions, branded or owned content concepts, seminars, event shows and consumer events can do for your brand. Want to know what Reshift can do for your brand? Fill out the form below!