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Reshift Creative Studios specializes in photography, home appliances, consumer electronics, e-bikes, gaming and tech & IT. From experience, we at Reshift Creative Studios know how valuable it is to highlight your product or service using video

Using a video can help visualizing your product or service, which in turn stimulates the brand experience. We know exactly how to highlight your product or service in a video, and which elements to show in practice. At Reshift Creative Studios, you can choose from seven types of videos, which we gladly explain in more detail below.

Product video

Would you like to bring your product or service to the attention of your target group directly? A clear product video can be of great help. In product videos, we highlight the specifications/USPs of a product using a predetermined script. This can be narrated by a presenter or a voice-over. You can decide whether you want the product video to be recorded in our Reshift studio, or at a location more suited to the product. We are happy to discuss your wishes in advance.

User scenario

If you would like to highlight your product or service using a persona or particular situation, a user scenario is a well suited possibility. In the video, we sketch a predefined user scenario that fits your product or service. In this way, we show which target group your product is best suited for, and tailor the tone of voice to your target group. We create a recognizable situation, which can improve the consumer's connection to your brand.

Compilation video

At Reshift Creative Studios, we organize a lot of workshops, which of course are followed up by a great after movie. For example, we regularly organize workshops foor in collaboration with camera brands, in which we test products on location and based on a particular theme. In such an after movie, we sketch an idea of how the workshop went and the participants' thoughts on the product and experience. We offer a stage to both the brand and the participant. Of course, we try to stimulate new audiences to participate in the next workshop or to try the product with our after movies.

Interview/expert video

With expert videos, Reshift Creative Studio offers the opportunity to tell more about your product or service through an interview. Speaking is an expert from your organization or an independent person who is highly knowledgeable about the product category or service. In an expert video, you get the chance to offer the consumer a look behind the scenes of your organization, giving the viewer a better idea of your product or service. This increases the brand experience.

Animated video/techsplainer

Would you like to use a video to highlight a particular technical aspect of a product or service? An animated video is the most suitable option. An animated video lends itself perfectly to explaining a complicated technology or or a specific program/product Our animated videos are concise, effective and informative, enabling the viewer to learn more about the (technical) topic in no more than 3 minutes.

Mini documentary/series

A mini documentary or video series are the largest video productions we run at Reshift Creative Studios. The power of a series is in the in-depth aspect, allowing you to go into detail about a certain product or service. In a series or mini documentary, we create a certain idea and mood, which we will develop with a professional team. The approach and length of the series/mini documentary strongly depends on the product or service.


Would you like to hold a livestream about your product or service? That too is possible at Reshift Creative Studios! We are experienced in hosting livestreams about educational topics, but this certainly isn't a requirement. You can ask us which possibilities there are for organizing livestreams. We would love to think along about how your livestream can be made into a success.

Enthusiastic? Discover what we can do for your brand.

Enthusiastic? Discover what we can do for your brand.

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