IT communities. Who we are

Reshift IT Communities (ITC) offers new insights and professional growth to IT managers, developers, architects, innovators and educational professional by connecting professionals, communities and companies. We do this not only through our magazines, specials and online content, but also through our Academy, webinars, video libraries, white papers, online platforms and events. In addition, we offer our partners services in the field of labor market communication, lead generation, branded content, research and customized events.

Our target groups

IT developers

IT professionals are the primary audience of our developer community. They work with OS/Linux, .NET and/or the Java ecosystem daily. These professionals are continuously looking to expand their own knowledge and skills. This group includes software developers, architects, project managers and consultants with a focus on method and process improvements.

Business partners

The main characteristic of this target group is that the all have a commercial aim and use OS, Linux, .NET and/or Java to achieve this goal in its entirety or in prt. This group includes suppliers, companies in the service industry and end users. Bringing together these target groups within our community creates a flow of knowledge and information that can benefit all target groups.


Within the educational sector, tomorrow’s professionals are being prepared for the future. ITC seeks the connection between education and the professional field. That is why students and teachers play an active role within our communities. This is where students, developers, companies and teachers come together to share knowledge and develop new opportunities.

Labor market communication

Everyone is looking for good IT developers. Labor market communication and recruitment are separate fields, but cannot exist without each other. Don’t know where to start? We’re happy to help you on your way!

Our services

Employer branding services
Through our job board,, we offer IT professionals more than just a platform to draw attention to vacancies within these specialized target groups. Together with our partners, we help showcase the complete employer brand within our tech communities.

Retention services
Retention is an organization’s ability to retain its employees. Our services to improve employee retention in your organization are:

  • Mentorship programs
  • Guest lectures at HBO and WO institutions
  • NLJUG speakers Academy
  • NLJUG tour @ Code One and Sillicon Valley
  • Masters of Java
  • Training & development (Speakers Mentoring Program)
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