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Looking for an (electronic) product and can’t see the forest for the trees? We get it, and we’re happy to lend a hand! Through our platforms, and, we offer consumers insights and tools to ease the purchasing process. With independent test reports, verified consumer reviews and reliable price and product information, our comparison websites help orienting consumers on their way to the final purchase. There are several products within the Compare domain, including:

Home appliances

In this category, you will come across products such as washing machines, dryers, fridges, dishwashers, espresso machines, vacuum cleaners and irons. Products like deep fryers and food processors also belong to this group. Next to this, you will find central heating boilers and various products for gardening and DIY’ing.

Consumer electronics

Here, you will find everything to do with image and sound, as well as photo and video. But next to televisions, laptops, smartphones, headphones, gaming products and cameras, you will also find beauty and health products such as shavers, IPL devices and hair straighteners.


Next to the electric bicycles themselves, various motor systems will be on display, as well as navigation systems and accessories.

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