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What do you get when you mix digital life and data with a hefty dose of passion, content and team spirit? You get Resfhit, The Netherlands’ ultimate content specialist. We create, distribute and measure unique content. And in doing so, we reach 8 million people monthly. That’s right: around half the Dutch population. We reach these 8 million people through our leading brands, combined with our specialisms: Compare, Tech, IT communities, Games, Photography and Education.


With names like, and, Reshift houses a number of big and influential players in the comparison field.


Reshift publishes four print magazines, a number of major tech websites and several specials each year, meaning we are always on top of the latest tech news.

IT Communities

Reshift offers new insights and growth to managers, developers, architects, innovators and educational professionals by connecting communities and companies.


With Power Unlimited, Reshift houses the Netherlands’ largest and oldest game magazine. Thanks to and, we also cover the online component.


Reshift has a strong focus on photography, pushing this field through print outlets (Zoom, SHUTR), education (Zoom Academy) and various campaigns and events.


Reshift seeks the connection between education and business. That is why students and teachers play an active role within our communities.

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