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Reshift connects the power of imagination to content creation, software production and data analysis. We reach 8 million people each month, using our creations to buy the right products, to get inspired or to learn. We do this with brands we are proud of and that you can’t ignore, as well as with a love for the profession and a healthy team spirit – because beautiful things are made together. Do you want to know more about Reshift and how we got to where we are today? This is the place to be!

Work. What we do

Each month, we reach roughly half of the Dutch population through our brands, combined with our specialties: Compare, Tech, IT Communities, Gaming, Photography and Education. We aren’t big on marketing talk, but know all about commercial propositions, (non-)spot solutions, branded or owned content concepts, seminars, event shows and consumer events. Do you want to know what Reshift can do for you and your brand? Call, email or Whatsapp us, so we can come to a made-to-measure solution together.

We work together with, among others

inspiration. Recent work

Because, as a company, you are only as good as your last job, we are happy to highlight some of our recent projects. With our deep knowledge and sharp insights, we confidently develop the most challenging campaigns and authentic content, tailored to your target audience. The result is content that stands out, inspires and, moreover, is effective. In short: content that gets your target group moving.

Apply. working at the #1!

Over the years, Reshift has grown to be the largest tech-specialized media house in the Netherlands, with an incredible group of talents on board. We therefore offer excellent opportunities to further develop yourself through an interesting job. And as we are still growing, we are continuously on the lookout for driven specialists in the fields of content, technology, marketing and sales.

Social. on all fronts

Reshift also being active on social media is, evidently, a no-brainer. As a tech company, we have closely followed all online developments from the very beginning. We have witnessed the birth of platforms such as ICQ, MSN, Hyves, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok up close, so of course we ourselves can’t stay behind. Our brands post fresh, relevant and current content on a daily basis.
Want to strengthen your brand with the power of our social performance? Great idea!

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Do you want to know how our brands and unique content can contribute to the experience of your brand? Or do you just want to drop by for a nice cup of coffee? Call or email us to schedule an appointment.

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Graag vertellen we je meer over wat onze commerciële proposities, (non-)spot-oplossingen, branded of owned content-concepten, seminars, event shows en consumentenevents voor jouw merk kunnen betekenen. Wil je weten wat Reshift voor jouw merk kan doen? Vul dan de velden hieronder in!


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Do you want to know how our brands and unique content can contribute to the experience of your business? Or do you just want to drop by for a nice cup of coffee? Call or email us to schedule an appointment, or fill out the form below!

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Wil je weten hoe onze merken en unieke content kunnen bijdragen aan de beleving van jouw bedrijf? Of wil je gewoon gezellig een keer langskomen voor een goeie kop koffie? Bel of mail ons om een afspraak te maken of vul het formulier hieronder in!